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Tips for Using Self Storage Units | EZ Self Storage, Ellsworth

We care about our facility and customers which is why digital/video recording devices are in use and lighting timers are installed on our buildings.

Disclaimer: These tips are only recommendations for your awareness and consideration. E-Z Self-Storage Ellsworth, LLC is not responsible for any injury or damage incurred by the implementation of any of these storage tips.  The law and common sense dictate what may/may not be stored, but here are some general tips:
  • Never store anything that is alive, perishable, combustible (e.g. paint, chemicals), hazardous, toxic, perishable
  • Purchase a good quality lock.
  • All items should be clean and dry prior to storing.
  • Store items with self-sealing doors (i.e. refrigerator) with the door slightly ajar to allow air flow.
  • Pack books flat to protect the spine.
  • Label all sides of boxes with contents and the room from which it came so you can easily identify your items once they are stored. If you label a box and pack it in, you may not be able to see the label once the unit is packed full.
  • Leave access space or construct aisles in your unit, so items are easily seen and accessible.
  • Use height of unit, but leave airspace around contents for air circulation.
  • Do not lean items against walls since condensation will build up on the wall during heating/cooling and your item may absorb moisture.
  • Wrap delicate items in bubble wrap or newspaper.
  • When packing boxes, fill completely to make box stronger. Ensure sturdier items are at the bottom of the pile to prevent collapsing when stacked.
  • Break down larger items that can be dis-assembled

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