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Have you ever thought, “No one offers good service any more?” We welcome you to experience the difference with EZ Self Storage Ellsworth!


Storage Policies & FAQs


Storage Policies

  • We do not send a monthly bill due to the time and expense involved. Rent is due the first day of the month. There is a late fee after the 10th day of the month and storage units are overlocked until non-payment is remedied.
  • We accept credit, debit (Visa, MC), recurring or one-time payments, check, cash, money order. If you pay by check or money order, be sure to write your name and space # on your payment. 
  • We take a security deposit of one month’s rent. The deposit is returned after the rental period is ended, assuming you meet the conditions of rental deposit return (which is outlined in our contract). Don’t worry – we rarely keep the deposit and will only do so if there are unpaid fees, damage or other problems. 
  • Read the entire storage contract before signing. Do not hesitate to ask questions.  
  • Insure you goods - rental unit management is not responsible to insure your belongings.  Click here for links  and helpful information on insurance for storage (scroll toward the bottom of the page).
  • Be aware we place mouse bait in our units as a preventative measure. Please be aware of that for small children when you are at your storage space.  Pets are not allowed to roam free on the property. 
  • No smoking is allowed on the property. If you smoke, please do so in your vehicle and please! put your butts out in your ashtray – not on our property. We strive to keep a clean environment and thank you for your assistance.


Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs


How much space do I need?

  • Click here for space estimating.
  • Whatever size you choose, be sure to pack your belongings loosely, leaving space for air to circulate.

What is the difference between storing with you and an individual who has space, such as a barn or an empty building on their property?

  • Our facility is professionally-managed and insured.  We are storage professionals, we have taken the time to train and educate ourselves on self-storage and continue to grow our skills in the storage industry. 
  • We strive to operate under the guidelines of the storage industry. We educate ourselves so we can be better at what we do and provide you the best service. 
  • We are members of the Self Storage Assn, Maine Self-Storage Assn, and Ellsworth Chamber of Commerce.

If you are considering storing your belongings with someone who does not have a traditional self-storage facility, you may want to ask these questions:Is your business insured?

  • Do you have a contract?
  • Are you aware of the storage laws in the State of Maine?
  • Are you maintaining care, custody & control of the belongings you store?  Self-storage is when the customer controls access to their space.  Customers insure their belongings as needed.  The self-storage facility is insured but does not cover the contents of each storage space.  If you do not have access to your belongings because they are in a 'shared space' without individual access, you should ask if the facility is insured and what is/is not covered.
  • We are professionals. We are insured. Only you maintain control/access to your space.
  • Check out the website for full details on our products, services and facility or call us anytime.

Do you offer a discount?

  • We offer 10% off for all active military personnel. Thank you. We appreciate your service.
  • Unfortunately, we are not able to offer other discounts.  The costs of operating our business (taxes, insurance, utilities, fuel, etc) have continued to rise.  We have only raised rates twice in 10 years.  Our goal is to offer high quality at affordable rates, which this policy has allowed us to maintain.

Do you insure my items?

  • No, we do not. We do not sell insurance, but can provide you a brochure. You can also check with your insurance agent to find out what they may offer.

Who is responsible for the care of my items while they are in storage?

  • We are not responsible for any loss to your stored items.  We do not take care, custody or control of your stored goods and recommend you check out storage insurance.

When is rent due?

  • Rent is due the 1st day of each month. A late fee is imposed after close of business on the 10th day of each month that rent is unpaid.

How do I pay rent?

  • Cash, Money Order, check, debit or credit card (MC & Visa only). You can sign up for automated payments, this will allow you to pay your rent on time without a trip to the facility.

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